‘Turning our back on the Blame Game’

On the eve of implementing no-fault divorce, what will this mean for couples who are embarking on the divorce process this Autumn 2021? The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, passed into law on the 25th June 2020, is ending the system whereby couples are required to apportion blame to their spouse in order to prove that their marriage has ‘irretrievably …

The importance of creating a will

Why is it important to make a will?

Wills are an important legal document which set out your instructions for the distribution of your estate when you die. Although it isn’t a nice thing to think about, the outbreak of Covid-19 has brought this to the forefront of people’s minds with the risk of illness it carries with it.

Covid-19 and Evictions

Landlord and Tenant: Evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic You may find as a residential or commercial landlord that your tenants are struggling to pay their rent during the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has led to people being furloughed, losing their job or earn significantly less, if they are self-employed for example. There is no set rule for tenants to be given …

SDLT Holiday

Slide 1 How the new stamp duty holiday could impact you Since 7th July of this year, a new SDLT (stamp duty) regime has been introduced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak which will remain in place until the end of 31st March 2021. This action raises the stamp duty threshold which makes it likely that in the majority of transactions, …

Covid-19 and Employment

The redundancy process: everything you need to know as an employer or employee Many businesses, large and small, are feeling the financial strain from the lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The government’s furlough scheme was put in place to help businesses to pay their staff during these uncertain times but many firms are still facing hardship. With more …

Making life easier for clients

Our previous onboarding procedure wasn’t the easiest process for our clients , who would have to physically visit our offices to provide us with ID and have anti money laundering checks completed, and we are fully aware that work and childcare responsibilities can make it difficult to find the time to do this. We began to seek out new ways …

Covid-19 and Contracts

Covid-19 and its effects on contracts

With the halting of entire industries and the slowing down of others, you may find the obligations you agreed to undertake or the obligations you set in place for someone to undertake for you may not be able to be fulfilled within a certain timeframe

Partner Appointed Judge

Streeter Marshall Partner appointed judge

We are very pleased to announce that one of our Partners, Matthew Jenkins has been appointed a Deputy District Judge by the Lord Chancellor’s Department. Matthew joined the firm as a Trainee Solicitor in January 2007 and has remained with the firm ever since, specialising in Employment Law and Litigation. Congratulations on your appointment Matthew, very well deserved!

New Partner


We are delighted to announce that Phillip Barnes has joined Streeter Marshall as a Partner in our Commercial Property Law department Phillip will be based at our Purley office and is ready to assist new and existing clients with a range of commercial property issues including lease grants, renewals and surrenders; property development and complex transactions. You can contact him …