World’s BIGGEST Coffee Morning

  • Yummy home made cupcakes
Streeter Marshall is proud to show its support for and donate to Macmillan Cancer Support having taken part in the charity’s annual Big Coffee Morning on Friday 28th September 2018.

All three offices joined in; kitchens were transformed into bakeries showcasing a large number of homemade goods baked by members of staff for everyone to enjoy from cupcakes to the classic, crowd-pleasing Victoria Sponge Cake.

With all the joy the sweets brought, it is important to remember that the Big Coffee Morning took place up and down the country for a good cause. Macmillan Cancer Support has been providing help to those with cancer since it was founded back in 1911. Their staff work tirelessly to provide advice, support and information and help guide people every step of the way through the process.

The Big Coffee Morning first took place in 1991 with the simple idea of a small group of people paying money to the charity in exchange for a cup of coffee. The next year, the Big Coffee Morning became a national event which soon saw households and workplaces nationwide hosting their own events each year with cakes and coffee.

The firm hopes its contribution can play a role in beating the previous total raised by last year’s Big Coffee Morning which raised £27 million nationally and has raised over £200 million in total since its inception.

Streeter Marshall gets ‘Zam’ help with a new lock


There was a pleasant surprise for a few of our operational staff attending Streeter Marshall’s Purley branch when Lee MacDonald, best known for playing Samuel ‘Zammo’ Maguire in the hit children’s TV series Grange Hill turned up to fix a lock. The actor is now the owner of Mentor Lock Ltd in Wallington which he has run for over eighteen years.

With his run of appearances in the show spanning five years from 1982 to 1987, he was certainly a big part of many of our staff’s childhood memories growing up with the iconic show. Gone are the days of Zammo showing up on his motorbike as he trades it in for something more practical, to carry his tools around for his locksmith services.

It may seem like an unexpected career change but according to the man himself, he was working as a locksmith during his time filming Grange Hill. By the year 2000, he found himself in charge of Mentor Lock Ltd and has been there ever since while still making the odd television appearance here and there. When it comes to enquiring about locksmith services, he certainly doesn’t ‘just say no’ much to the delight of ourselves and others.