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Disputes & Litigation Solicitors

We encourage parties to consult with us regarding potential disputes before they have assumed opposing positions so as to minimise the need for recourse to litigation. Where court action is necessary; however, our litigation team will represent your interests in a robust and efficient manner, always striving to achieve the best result for you. We are experienced in dealing with complex, factual and technical legal issues.

Resolving disputes can be expensive and time consuming. Our team of specialists can advise on the best course of action available to you in an attempt to resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner.

Neil Brocklehurst – Partner

Our experienced team of litigators are adept at reacting quickly with effective action to protect clients’ interests and we regularly handle urgent Court applications. As solicitors, we have the expertise that some other debt collection agencies lack, especially in cases where it becomes necessary to issue court proceedings, as we are able to handle the recovery of a debt from the initial demand for payment to the issue of proceedings and enforcement of judgments. Please Contact Us for more information.

What we do

  • Property ownership disputes
  • All other property disputes, including disputes over boundaries
  • Injunction proceedings
  • Debt collection including action against residential and commercial tenants for the recovery of rent arrears
  • Enforcement action to enforce judgment
  • Personal injury claims
  • Negligence and professional liability claims
  • Insolvency litigation, including claims and liabilities arising from bankruptcy, receiverships and liquidations
  • Defective goods claims, whether representing buyers or sellers
  • General contractual and business disputes
  • Construction and civil engineering disputes whether representing employers, contractors or other professional advisors
  • Inheritance Act claims
  • Intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark and passing off disputes, and the protection of confidential information
  • Intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark and passing off disputes, and the protection of confidential information
  • Forfeiture of a lease
  • Service charge disputes
  • Possession proceedings
  • Mortgage possession litigation

Our Litigation Team

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A photo of Neil Brocklehurst, Partner, Disputes and Litigation at Streeter Marshall Solicitors

Neil Brocklehurst

Neil Brocklehurst is an experienced solicitor who specialises in litigation and dispute resolution.

Neil Brocklehurst

Partner, Disputes and Litigation
A photo of Matthew Jenkins, Partner, Employment Law at Streeter Marshall Solicitors

Matthew Jenkins

Matthew specialises in Employment Law and Civil Litigation and was appointed to the position of Deputy District Judge of the South Eastern Circuit in May 2020.

Matthew Jenkins

Partner, Employment Law
A photo of Chris Davies, Solicitor, Disputes & Litigation at Streeter Marshall Solicitors

Christopher Davies

Chris is an experienced dispute resolution solicitor who acts for both Individuals and business clients.

Christopher Davies

Solicitor, Disputes & Litigation
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