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Corporate Advice and Governance

We are able to assist partnerships, companies and other business structures, and the owners, managers, employees, company secretaries, directors and shareholders, on governance matters and internal administration on business affairs and preparation with regard to a business owner’s exit strategy.


Exhibiting thorough and comprehensive governance in relation to business matters is essential.

For example, we can assist you with:-

  • Board constitution;
  • Procedural requirements for general meetings;
  • Board resolutions;
  • Shareholder resolutions;
  • Drafting of memorandum of association and articles of association for limited companies;
  • Drafting Partnership Agreements, LLP Agreements and Shareholder Agreements;
  • Company secretarial advice;
  • Directors’ duties and directors’ service agreements;
  • Non-executive directors’ appointments and terms;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Director disputes;
  • Assisting with board meetings and shareholder meetings;
  • Exit strategies;
  • Directors’ certificates.

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