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  The History of Streeter Marshall


Established over 200 years, Streeter Marshall maintains its position as a leading law firm within the Croydon and North Surrey areas.

Streeter Marshall can trace its origins back to 1790 and represents an amalgamation of a number of former Croydon and Surrey firms including Percy Holt, Weightman Sadler, E.L. Murphy & Co., Wilberforce Jackson & Co, Marshall Liddle & Downey, Streeter Howe & Wood Roberts, Rowland & Hutchinson and Frank S. Fitt. 

Our Head Office is conveniently situated in the High Street in the centre of Croydon, close to ample car parking facilities and other professional advisors with whom we have close links.  Following the most recent mergers in 2002 with Percy Holt, Weightman Sadler and E.L. Murphy & Co. Streeter Marshall is now not only one of the oldest but also one of the largest firms of solicitors in Croydon and the surrounding areas with a total staff of 90.

The majority of our clients are small to medium sized local businesses and the many private clients and families living in the area for whom we have acted for many years.  Although the firm has been established for more than two centuries, Streeter Marshall is a modern and progressive firm which has made a substantial investment in IT over the years and is able to provide a high standard of service to clients at a price which represents value for money.